Welcome to the Wimer Covered Bridge!

The Wimer Bridge crosses Evans Creek in Jackson County, Oregon. The original 85 foot bridge was constructed in 1892, rebuilt in 1927, and rebuilt again in 2008 following the Queenspost trust design of the original. The historic bridge collapsed on July 6th, 2003, a year before it was schedueled for maintainace.

Our Mission

The mission of this organization is to ensure that the historic covered bridge, which had stood since 1892, is replaced in all its original glory. We will work to fairly represent the community of Wimer and to be a gathering point for comments, concerns, and fund-raising opportunities. We plan to work closely with the county and other organizations to ensure that the funds necessary are acquired and the re-building proceeds in a timely manner.

Original Contruction

1896 Wimmer Bridge

The Rebuilt Bridge

2008 Wimmer Bridge



This bridge is located 7 miles northeast of Rogue River on East Evans Creek Road (turn right on Covered Bridge Road)

Shawna M
Photo Perfect

a must see, so cute in a tiny little town. Go take a picture if you can in the snow it's gorgeous! Get out and walk down the driveway to get a good side view.

One of last Covered Bridges on the West Coast

Great covered bridge to see. Although it is the rebuilt one after the collapse the locals painstakingly tried to recreate but stronger the orginal bridge.

A nice suprise on a scenic trip family trip

Traveling through Oregon, which is beautiful, we happened to come across this little piece of history. The quaint town and natural surroundings were one of the highlights.

Historic location. Very well preserved and special to the locals.

The historic covered bridge has been moved so it could be preserved and a larger road could go through that area(this was about 10 years ago). It is a neat spot to take some great nature pics or eat lunch with the family. A must visit if you are in the area.

Winer Covered Bridge...beautiful fall leaves

We had an hour to kill and went on Trip Advisor to see what we could see. We found this covered bridge. Was a nice side trip to see the fall leaves.

Back to old times

My wife and my self was headed no where and came upon the covered bridge and thought we would see it. We found out it is only a one way through the bridge. we had fun.

Jane E
Drive-through Historic Covered Bridge!

An excellent stop with the bridge and a park, trails to the creek. Warning - no toilet paper in the outhouse.